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Black Mesa State Park
County Road 325
Kenton, OK 73946
Park Office: 580-426-2222
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Black Mesa State Park, Oklahoma

 Located close to Kenton at the tip of the Oklahoma panhandle, Black Mesa feels like a whole new world if you have crossed Oklahoma from the East to the West for a visit.

  The park is very unique and feels almost like something out of a John Wayne western movie.  We enjoyed the quiet peaceful feel and the RV sites were very well maintained. The park has nice trails, and next time we would like to try out the Teepee that can be rented for a truly special experience.

 Black Mesa has many nearby attractions that make for a unique adventure, especially if you are a high pointer collector. The highest point in Oklahoma is located nearby in the Black Mesa nature preserve at 4,973 ft. which is also part of the Great Plains trail.

 The area also has Dinosaur tracks, and a Dinosaur Quarry that was used in the 1930's. We were given directions to the tracks from the locals at the nearby Kenton Museum, but were a little disappointed because they are on private property and are close to extinction themselves.

Kenton Mercantile has nice information on their website and they were very friendly and helpful to visit with at their store.

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Fun Fact: Kenton, Oklahoma is the only town in Oklahoma on Mountain Time.

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