Kids & Family Activities

Mom & Dad I'm bored...  

 This page deals with outdoor activities to do while at Oklahoma State Parks RVing and Camping that you need to know. Stop the "I'm bored" and start the fun.

 We have a 15 year old son and have learned early on that being "bored" is no fun for anyone. Planning ahead makes camping much more of a fun and exciting adventure. So next time you go it will be "can we go back to..." and not "I don't want to go..."

First: Make a list with the kids and have them bring things that they want to include in the outdoor fun, maybe a journal, camera, binoculars, walkie-talkies, fishing pole, card games (the old fashioned kind), and then leave the video games at home, if possible. We tried the "you can take the game boy, but only for the ride to the park" and this doesn't work; they know its there and want to get back to playing that last mission as soon as possible so this will be all they think about. Leave the electronics at home and this will open their eyes to the true purpose of camping, enjoying the great outdoors with the family.
Second: Look at the information on the park you plan on visiting. Does this park have things like a nature center with many activities for the kids to enjoy, or is this a quiet park that is great for us adults, but no fun for the kids? I suggest looking at the parks that have nature centers, mini golf, a nice fishing dock, swimming beach, and hiking trails.  Some parks rent horses, and some even have a train to ride. Does this mean camp next to an amusement it just means find a park with things to do for everyone.


Third: As soon as you arrive at the park stop at the office and get an activity sheet; this will have information on what is going on inside the park while you are there. Most of the time hayrides, camp fires, star parties, nature hikes, kids fishing-clinics, eagle watches, canoe races, lake tours, marshmallow roasting and our favorite snake feeding, will be scheduled. Available times are on a handout so you can plan your time and see and do as much as you can. Note that most of the above activities are at parks with Nature Centers.
 Oklahoma State Parks with Nature Centers include:
Fourth: I highly recommend the Junior Naturalist and Park Pal programs offered to the kids while at a park. We got a free booklet from the park nature center and had a blast working on it, and best of all its fun and free and they get a certificate after its completed to show their friends that they completed the program.

Now is also the time to work on all those Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts Badges. Scouting is a great benefit for the kids and can be fun for the whole family. Even if your not in Scouting, grab one of their books and have fun doing some activities. If you were a Scout once all those fun things that you did can be recreated for everyone to experience again.

Fifth: A few words on things to keep the fun going and keep away the bad memories...Insect Repellant (Bug Spray), Sun Screen, learning to recognize plants like Poison Ivy, and recognize the few venomous critters in the outdoors. Although the outdoors shouldn't haunt you, bug spay helps keep you safe from the next day itches, ticks, and chiggers. Sun Screen will keep you from turning into a red neck, and take it from me one time getting into Poison Ivy and there wont be a next time because you WILL know what to look for...Leaves of Three- leave them be, and a good picture helps too.
Sixth: Finally, remember to stop and have fun as a family. With today's busy work schedules, kids school activities, and everything else that seems to get in the way, remember the outdoors and togetherness is your family's reward.

Also Check out the Take a Child Outside website for activities