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 Did you know...

Be sure to the call the park office of the Oklahoma State Park you plan on visiting before you go. Some parks have reservations by calling the individual park, and some are first come first serve only.


Oklahoma State Parks offers a Senior Citizens discount for people 62 years and older. Be sure and ask, all you need is an I.D. with age.
You can support our parks if you live in Oklahoma by purchasing your Oklahoma State Parks personalized vehicle tags. (My Favorite)
You can see millions of bats flying over your head at The Selman Bat Watch each summer near Alabaster Caverns by Freedom, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma has 6 "Travel Regions" and one the best ways to get good area information is to go straight to the regions website for more information.
The highest point in Oklahoma at 4,973 ft. is right by Black Mesa State Park, and you can climb to the top. Be sure to watch the time change, nearby Kenton Oklahoma is the only Oklahoma town on Mountain Time.
Eagle watching is a big activity in the Parks System, check the Calendar on their website during the winter months to see where to go.
Oklahoma has more man made lakes than any other state and Oklahoma has over 11,611 miles of shoreline.
The largest Nature Center in the Largest State Park in the Oklahoma State Parks system is Tucker Tower at Lake Murray State Park.
The Meers Store near the Wichita Wildlife Refuge serves a hamburger the size of a pie pan, and the store has been around since 1901. We love this place and it is a must see and eat.
Pensacola Dam on Grand Lake close to both Disney State Park & Cherokee State Park is the Worlds Longest Multiple Arch Dam.
Tenkiller State Park has a SCUBA park which offers clear water diving and it has sunken boats, a house, plane, bus, and is very popular.
Natural Falls State Park was used in the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows".
Oklahoma has 11 eco regions, and there are only four states in the United States with 10 or more. You can see everything from the Tall Grass Prairie, to the Ozarks, and the Cypress Swamp; Oklahoma even has Alligators in Red Slough Wildlife Management Area.